Retro Bikinis

Every few years a bikini designer will travel back in time and relive the days of a previous decade. Funny enough, people actually enjoy these retro styles. These full coverage styles are in stark contrast to the popular minimalist styles that are a more predominant look at the beach. The retro look involves higher waistlines and full-coverage tops. The entire look is reminiscent of the looks of pin-up girls during the 40s, so if that look appeals to you, you’ll be able to fine plenty of suits.



Bikinis with Appliques

Not sure what appliques are? Think Girl Scout badges and patches. They’re swatches of fabric in a pre-made design that are ready to be sewn onto anything, including bikinis. They add texture and added detail to a suit in a way that ruffles, sequins and beading cannot. Since they can be put anywhere, a triangle top doesn’t have to have the usual triangle shape to it, and because the applique can be shaped and made in almost any way, you can add extra dimension to your suit.



Rhinestone Bikini

Sequins aren’t the only way to add shine to a suit! Rhinestones are an alternative type of accent to add sparkle to a suit, and what’s more, it offers more flexibility when it comes to design. Sequins have to be overlapped and sewn on whereas rhinestones get glued on. Design-wise, you have a lot more options, sizes and colors. In fact, you can even bling out your own bikini at home if you wanted.



Mesh Bikini

If sheer clothing is sexy clothing, what does that say about sheer bikinis? Just when you thought when there was nothing new left to bring to the design table, there are now mesh bikinis. These thin and lightweight suits are semi-see-through and leave little to the imagination when they get wet. If you’re not shy about playing a bit of peek-a-boo, definitely go ahead and slip into one of these super sexy bikinis.



Whaletail Thong Bikinis

Thongs aren’t just for avoiding panty lines anymore! These sexy little underthings have made their way to the beach and many women are embracing the freedom and comfort gained by wearing one. Of course, not all women will want to show off your tush at the beach, but if you’re feeling sexy, confident and want to get a little more sun on those cheeks, a whaletail thong bikini is certainly an option. And if you want even less coverage and feel super daring, there’s also the g-string option as well.




Swimwear with some fabric missing in areas is a big trend this year. These cut-out suits are adding a lot of style by simply subtracting material. Some styles are symmetric while others are not. Some have extra detailing and embellishments while others strive to be understated. These unique looks are definitely stunners and easily stand out against a sea of bikinis.



Braided Bikini

Sometimes, wearing the sexy look of the string tie bikini just isn’t comfortable. If you’re a woman with a larger bust, those neck ties can become uncomfortable. This braided version takes away the discomfort and replaces it with wearable style. The wider ties give more support spread out over more material, plus you get the unique look of 3 ties, braided into one. And if you’re paranoid about your bottoms coming undone, this style eliminates the worry.



Colorful Print Bikinis

If you’re shy about wearing colors and prints in general, day-to-day, land-based activities, that’s normal. But if you’re going to head out to the beach or pool and have a blast splashing about with your friends, you really shouldn’t be shy about wearing something that reflects that mood. It’s not everyday that you head out to the waters, so why not make the most out of the occasion? Bright and colorful prints like these are not only fun to wear but eye-catching as well, which is always a bonus when there are cute guys around.



Lacy Bikini

There seems to be a growing trend of merging lingerie with swimwear. Plenty of thong bikinis, convertible tops and boy short styles abound on the beachwear scene now so it’s not too surprising that lace is making its appearance as well. Some celebs have been spotted at the beach in these lacy pieces and sometimes these bikinis cause a double-take. If you didn’t know better, you’d think someone was just walking around in a lacy bra and underwear, and I suppose therein lies the sex appeal.



Hologram Bikini

The hologram bikini isn’t going to project out some 3D image if you look at it from just the right angle. Rather, this style of bikini has a way of highlighting the curves you’re already flaunting. These super shiny fabrics attract a lot of attention and are a great way to get noticed at the beach. Like the metallic bikini, the hologram is gaining lots of popularity for their unique and glossier look.