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Retro Bikinis

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

Every few years a bikini designer will travel back in time and relive the days of a previous decade. Funny enough, people actually enjoy these retro styles. These full coverage styles are in stark contrast to the popular minimalist styles that are a more predominant look at the beach. The retro look involves higher waistlines and full-coverage tops. The entire look is reminiscent of the looks of pin-up girls during the 40s, so if that look appeals to you, you’ll be able to fine plenty of suits.

Bikinis with Appliques

Monday, October 18th, 2010

Not sure what appliques are? Think Girl Scout badges and patches. They’re swatches of fabric in a pre-made design that are ready to be sewn onto anything, including bikinis. They add texture and added detail to a suit in a way that ruffles, sequins and beading cannot. Since they can be put anywhere, a triangle top doesn’t have to have the usual triangle shape to it, and because the applique can be shaped and made in almost any way, you can add extra dimension to your suit.

Rhinestone Bikini

Monday, October 4th, 2010

Sequins aren’t the only way to add shine to a suit! Rhinestones are an alternative type of accent to add sparkle to a suit, and what’s more, it offers more flexibility when it comes to design. Sequins have to be overlapped and sewn on whereas rhinestones get glued on. Design-wise, you have a lot more options, sizes and colors. In fact, you can even bling out your own bikini at home if you wanted.