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Bikini or lingerie?

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

We all know what lingerie looks like, and we all know what bikinis look like, but is the line defining the two starting to blur?  At first glance this mauve masterpiece looks like lacy lingerie but slowly a question mark starts to form overhead and you realize it is, in fact, a bikini!  I love the details, the color, the ties but I wonder if it’s the type of bikini that you’d actually want to wear in the water.  As beautiful as it is, I’d likely not want to ruin it by swimming around in salt water or chorine.  What about you? Would you splash around in this two-piece wonder or just model it while tanning in the sun?

A penny for your thoughts

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

When you consider that the history of fashion can be dated back to ancient Egyptian times, bikinis, in comparison, are a relatively new item in the fashion scene.  They’ve only been around for a few decades and since being unveiled (credit goes to the French, merci!) it’s gone through noticeable changes in design.  Generally speaking, the suit has gotten smaller and smaller as women have opted to expose more skin.  So what’s next for the bikini?  Even skimpier?  New fabrics?  Creative embellishments?  Ingenious designs?  Where do you think bikini trends will go??