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Braided Bikini

Monday, August 30th, 2010

Sometimes, wearing the sexy look of the string tie bikini just isn’t comfortable. If you’re a woman with a larger bust, those neck ties can become uncomfortable. This braided version takes away the discomfort and replaces it with wearable style. The wider ties give more support spread out over more material, plus you get the unique look of 3 ties, braided into one. And if you’re paranoid about your bottoms coming undone, this style eliminates the worry.

Lacy Bikini

Monday, August 16th, 2010

There seems to be a growing trend of merging lingerie with swimwear. Plenty of thong bikinis, convertible tops and boy short styles abound on the beachwear scene now so it’s not too surprising that lace is making its appearance as well. Some celebs have been spotted at the beach in these lacy pieces and sometimes these bikinis cause a double-take. If you didn’t know better, you’d think someone was just walking around in a lacy bra and underwear, and I suppose therein lies the sex appeal.

Jewel Tone Bikini

Monday, June 28th, 2010

I happen to be a huge fan of jewel tones.  Shoes, accessories, bags, dresses, whatever.  If they look like emeralds, sapphires, rubies, canary yellows or anything else you’d find in a sultan’s treasure chest, chances are good that I’ll like it.  Normally I’m not big on the mixing and matching, but I very much like the look of this bikini.  Shown last year at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2011 Swim show, this Caffe Swimwear bikini should be in stores now.  I love how much shine is in the suit, plus the multicolored crystal sparklers on the top and bottom.  The look is so simple but so stylish and elegant too.  Fantastic!

The Eco-kini

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

With the growing trend of going green, it’s not a surprise that eco-friendly bikinis or ec0-kinis are on the rise.  Since there are clothing designers show now use organic fabrics such a hemp, organic cotton, bamboo, it should come as no surprise that swimwear designers are following the same trend.  Bikinis are made using a blend of natural fibers plus a bit of elasticity to allow the suit to retain its shape in the water.  It’s good to offer bikinis that are eco-friendly – it’ll appeal to the eco-enthusiasts out there – but I wonder just how popular they’ll actually be and how the material will stack up over compared to synthetic fabrics.

Bejeweled Bikini

Monday, June 7th, 2010

The animal print bikini is nothing to write home about.  It’s been around for many decades and will undoubtedly continue to be around for many more.  What’s starting to trend nowadays with bikinis of any color or print is the presence of sparkling trims and embellishments.  If the bikini wasn’t doing enough to attract attention by showing off most of the female form, the addition of a giant piece of bling ought to do it.  Sizable rocks like the one sitting up front and center on this suit pull double duty by adding to the sex appeal and attracting onlookers.  It’s like a lighthouse to a ship at sea – you can’t not see it and it’s impossible to ignore.

Leather Bikini

Friday, June 4th, 2010

At first glance I’m pessimistic as to the functionality of this bikini.  Leather and water (either pool or beach) just don’t mix.  I’m guessing this is just for display purposes and doesn’t really serve as proper swimwear.  Maybe it’s for ring girls at a boxing match or bartender at a biker bar.  I dunno. Either way, despite the lack of fabric, it still seems like something way too hot to wear.  I’d just bake in this thing, and that just wouldn’t look good.  So if it’s a quick bikini contest or something, fine, but if you actually want to go swimming, I’d suggest changing into something else.

Graphic Print Bikini

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

When it comes to swimwear, bright and colorful prints seem to be a trend that never dies.  While everyone else is wearing solid colors with little pizzazz, the graphic print really stands out as a suit that gets all the attention.  Anything in stripes, geometric shapes, swirls, zigzags in bold colors always gets more viewing time than a simple black bikini.  If you’re not yet into big, loud prints, take a baby step towards a solid bikini in a fun summery color like teal, purple  or peachy pink, then graduate to something with a print.  You’ll be bathing in all sorts of attention in no time.

Graphic print bikini

Metallic Bikini

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

The popularity of metallic fashions has always been in waves.  Like the ebb and flow of the ocean, this trend often comes and goes; it never really had staying power.  Everyone few seasons we see metallic shoes, bags, dresses and even shiny metallic pants, but after the oohing and aahing dies down everyone goes back to wearing what they were wearing before all the hoopla began.  When it comes to swimwear, however, it seems that these shiny fabrics are attracting a huge following and finding warm welcome than their landlocked counterparts.  More and more designers are putting out metallic bikinis and more and more women are snatching them up.  Perhaps we’re bored of the basic bikini or perhaps on the few opportunities we do get to head to the beach, we want to be in something that will make a memorable statement.  Or maybe we all secretly want to be Princess Leia in a gold bikini, but regardless, it seems like this trend could be one to stay.

Metallic bikini

Do the polka!

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

I wore my fair share of polka dots when I was little.  Polka dot skirt, polka dot sneakers, polka dot backpack, even a polka dot headband (I was 8, don’t judge).  Now that I’m no longer a wee one I wonder about these fun little dots.  Where have they gone?  Are they no longer allowed to be worn over a certain age?  I can’t remember the last time I saw anything polka dotted in the stores, so I had to smile when I came across this multi-colored multi-dotted bikini.  Certainly there are occasions where one must dress appropriately (think job interview or church) but when it comes to swimwear, I believe that you should wear something fun.  After all, you’re out at the beach to have fun and frolic right?  So the same rule applies.

Polka dot bikini

Sequin Bikinis

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Alright, so everyone knows that bikinis are meant to be worn for general aquatic purposes right?  To the beach, at the pool, to a water park, maybe for the occasional water balloon fight.  So how do shiny, shimmery sequins fit in?  I imagine that the price points on these suits automatically go up, so if you pay a pretty penny for it, can you actually get these sparkling suits wet?  And when the suit does get wet, do the sequins start weighing down the suit?  I suppose if you wore one but stayed out of the water there’d be no cause for concern, but that kind of defeats the purpose of a bikini, doesn’t it?  Hmmm…

Well, regardless of if you lay in the sand or splash in the surf, there’s no doubt you’d attract all kinds of attention in a beautifully bedazzled bikini.

Sequin Bikini