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Whaletail Thong Bikinis

Monday, September 20th, 2010

Thongs aren’t just for avoiding panty lines anymore! These sexy little underthings have made their way to the beach and many women are embracing the freedom and comfort gained by wearing one. Of course, not all women will want to show off your tush at the beach, but if you’re feeling sexy, confident and want to get a little more sun on those cheeks, a whaletail thong bikini is certainly an option. And if you want even less coverage and feel super daring, there’s also the g-string option as well.

Thong Bikinis!

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

Ok ok, unless you live under a rock or live on an Arctic tundra, you may have noticed that swimwear is getting smaller and skimpier.  Interesting contrast to the days when women were supposed to be properly dressed and covered from head to toe, right?  Well, thankfully we’ve evolved from those days and are much more open minded.  So back to the topic of shrinking swimwear.  I have noticed that, given a choice, most people opt for sunny climates.  It is this same preference that drives college co-eds to Cancun, honeymooners to Hawaii and vacationers to take cruises around the Caribbean.  Let’s face it: we love the sun.  And for women, it seems we love the sun so much so that we’re leaning towards exposing more skin to those rays by minimizing the amount of coverage our swimsuits give (c’mon, you know you’ve undone those ties before to avoid tan lines).  So with all this in mind, it’s not surprising that thong bikinis are now a popular option.  Granted, not all woman are comfortable flaunting their assets but maybe this trend, too, will catch on over time.

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